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Your Mosquito Coil Holder Can Be More Beautiful

Now summer is coming. NO doubt most of us like summer. In summer, girls and ladies can dress as beautifully as they can. Boys and gentlemen also can enjoy more than in the cold days. However,when summer comes,there is an annoying thing, the mosquito. Every night,they will make annoying buzz or whining sound in your ears. When they circle your head, looking for a place to land and bite, their buzz sounds louder whenever they’re close to your ear.They are attacking you every single night when you are sleeping soundly.Then you have to wake up feeling itchy (cuz of the bites). The truly annoying part of being a mosquito meal may come in the hours and days to follow,when those red, itchy bumps make us reach for the calamine lotion. What’s more, the mosquito would carry all sort of obnoxious diseases. There are many ways to keep out of mosquito attack,like using garlic or hanging mosquito net. But sometimes we have to use Mosquito Coil to repel mosquitoes. And for years, we have use some kind of ugly designed mosquito coil holder like the following one.

mosquito coil holder

That does work for us. But for me, one that loves to make my living room more charming and peaceful. I could not help to be disgusted with it and was trying to look for a beautifully designed one. And fortunately I’ve found this mozzie coil holder.

incense coil holder

Simply and creatively designed, it is just the one I like. And this mosquito coil holder would help me in many ways, to keep my room clean and decorate my room in a way with its creative design. I would take it when dinning outside or enjoying outdoor activities; I’ve also used it as an incense burner. see below. Hope you would like it.
mozzie coil holder

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DIY Your Mosquito Incense Holder

Life is more enjoyable when you enjoy it. Summer is approaching and the nasty mosquito would make us crazy. I couldn’t help to hate it whenever I was remind of his annoying buzz. Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying, they spread killer diseases, as well. So a mosquito repellent coil is a must in the summer.
Generally, a box of mosquito repellent coil would come with  a mosquito coil stake holder. However, the fact is that, it is a prick to use. Many coils do not have the mounting slot pressed properly into them – meaning you have to force the coils onto the stakes – usually bending the “mounting spike” on the holder.The design of the stake holders, makes it hard to pick up the coil and stake, and either place them somewhere or move them from room to room.If you stick the coil and stake on a plate to catch all the ash, they have a real tendency to tip over when you do move them.

mosquito incense coil
Many of the coils do not come with the slot properly pressed into the cake, and the stake mounting system is pretty awful anyway.

While the stake is too light, too flimsy and the base is too small making the mounted coil unstable, when moved, or trying too.

beastly mounting
beastly unstable mounting

Just discard it. Let DIY the mosquito incense coil holder.

Works like a charm.
Easy to clip onto the coil.
It has handles, so you can pick up and move the coil.
It’s reasonably steady, and a bit heavier than the steel foil stand, that came with the coils.
And it lasts a life time :)
This is a craft-design. It requires you have tool. But you can also give a try 😛

if you’d like to make your room more charming, this creatively-designed mosquito coil holder would be also a nice option.

incense coil holder